Cyber Coven


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Welcome to the home of the Revelator Cyber Coven!

What is the Cyber Coven

The Revelator Cyber Coven is the name our community gave to our weekly and monthly meetings of the magical variety.

Witchy Wednesdays

is our bi-monthly (twice-a-month) meeting of the Cyber Coven.

What are the goals?

  • Help our friends grow in a magical space
  • Foster the growth of our own magic
  • A healthy exploration of spiritual paths

What are the requirements?

Cyber Coven members must be 18 years or older and have an active subscription of the $5 Supporter or above tier on https://ko-fi.com/kyleparanormal

Where do we meet?

Witchy Wednesdays are held on in the in the exclusive



to learn more about our membership program or just in directly and

When do we meet?

We meet every other Wednesday in Ko-fi exclusive Discord.

Are meetings mandatory?

No. We archive rituals for members of the Contributor tier and above!

What if I have a different religion?

We welcome all religions! Including those that donโ€™t have their beliefs defined.

We require all members to show respect to one another. That means not insulting a religion as well as not proselytizing you.

We do at times explore sensitive historic topics that mainstream religions do not wish to discuss: including colonialism, cultural appropriation, and the subjection of minorities.


Energy Work

Finding your own energy source



Cyber Coven Badges

Badge: Energy Work

Mugwort soap

Badge: Herbalism

10 opener

5 structure