Feb 12, 2022

Katie: there are aqua 12 - they are the color of the eys we see.

Everybody has thick lashes.

If we go dancing around together, we hold hands.

People dancing going round and round, they are laughing. Someone fell. They are being joyous in the grass. No maypole or other things.

Take notice, take notice: bright orange light that feels like the sun. “take notice”

Walking towards an archway. The archway is walking away from them like they won't get there. Like loony toons.

Diversify your travel.

We’re back at the aqua eyes. We see your aqua eyes.

We were stationed together, 20 feet.

we’re at the station


That guy has been here since 1862, what does that mean to you?

In the blue velvet always dressing up. Like it was a recital.

If you wear a fancy broach, I’ll know.