Cleansing and Grounding of Stagnant Energy

In a fire-safe container, place your candle and sprinkle your herbs around the candle. As you do, visualize the herbs breaking away ties to the stagnant energies in your life. Place the stones around the candle. Burn some of the herbs or make a spray with the essential oils of the herbs listed above. As you do, let the smoke waft over your body and also visualize it breaking the ties of the stagnant energies. If you are using a spray, spray the mist above your head and let it fall down on your body, visualizing the same. Say the incantation. When you finish, take a bath or shower with the cleansing soap (or one of your own if you don’t have the one made by Kyle). When you finish, let your candle burn down.
Winters’s last winds blow in the storms of spring. Thunder rumbles as it awakens my slumbering soul. The lightning sparks the life of fire, burning away the old, stuck energies of the past. As the rain begins to pour down, I welcome new pathways of growth and allow myself to become grounded in my own roots and magic. As the earth awakens, so do I to new possibilities and freedom from energies that held me back. I am cleansed. I am free. I welcome growth and renewal. So mote it be.
For additional cleansing take your stones in your hands and visualize them absorbing any stagnant energies from your body.
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